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Accelerated viral vector production

Batavia Biosciences deploys state-of-the-art R&D and clean room production facilities dedicated to the manufacture of viral vectors. The staff at Batavia has a 100% track record in delivering viral vector-based products in INDs. At Batavia we accelerate biopharmaceutical product development with guaranteed short delivery timelines.

Viral vectors

Our in-depth experience in the manufacture of viral vectors spans across the board, from the manipulation of the vector backbone, generation of recombinant vector from RNA of DNA, generation of (pre-)master virus seeds, process development and scale-up, analytical development, up to and including clinical manufacturing. Integration of all these steps into one seamless process allows rapid delivery your viral vector. Our experience with vectors covers lentiviruses, Adeno-associated viruses (AAV), Measles, Adenoviruses, Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV).

Efficient viral vector production using SIDUS® technology

Batavia Biosciences’ SIDUS® technology platform ensures well-defined, rapid and cost-efficient production of diverse vector-based products. The platform is anchored in work instructions, pre-selected, GMP compliant raw materials, protocols and manufacturing equipment such that we are able to rapidly scale-up vector production processes from miniature bioreactors (2-20 mL) to 200 liter scale disposable reactors (please download our SIDUS® technology factsheet to read more). Most importantly, the technology platform encompasses all the release assays and therefore quickly allows us to monitor the efficiency of the process (production / purification) and release of vector-based products. Batavia Biosciences’ experienced in house Qualified Person, Quality Assurance system and Quality Control department facilitate the release of your clinical product.

As a company dedicated to bringing biopharmaceuticals to the market at higher speed, with reduced costs, and with a higher success rate, Batavia Biosciences has ample experience in developing various vector-based products. The team of experienced researchers use the newest technologies and are well equipped to take on any challenge associated with viral vector development.

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