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Adenoviruses are being explored as vectors for cardiovascular gene therapy purposes against many heritable diseases. Gene transfer vectors, based on human adenovirus serotype 5, were some of the first developed viral gene therapy products which were translated into human clinical trials in a range of cardiovascular diseases. As knowledge about adenoviruses increased, other alternative serotypes have been identified in experimental research, some of which have been translated into clinical use. Cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality remain high indicating an unmet clinical need. Viral gene therapy coupled with robust and optimized manufacturing processes, enables targeted delivery of therapeutic transgenes and represents an attractive platform for addressing the need to treat acquired and inherited cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Together, two of Batavia’s own (Wilfried Bakker and Menzo Havenga) along with collaborators from the University of Glasgow, have published in the highly ranked Journal of Molecular Medicine.

Link: Adenoviral vectors for cardiovascular gene therapy applications: a clinical and industry perspective is now available.