Changed view on CROs: astounded by work ethics

Amazing work ethics at Batavia team
Hi, my name is Fue, Analytical Team Leader and senior scientist at Batavia Biosciences. Before I started at Batavia, I worked at a large pharmaceutical company and in academic research. During these jobs, I regularly collaborated with contract research organizations (CRO), which was not always a pleasant experience. I developed quite a negative view on contract organizations. However, working at Batavia completely changed my perspective and showed me what good collaboration with an outsourcing partner looks like.

Being part of the Batavia team

After reading the introduction, you might be wondering why I even applied for the job at Batavia in the first place. Well, I like a good challenge. I was motivated to change the experience clients have working with a contractor. My work at the large pharmaceutical company became quite repetitive and there was no prospect of career growth any time soon. Therefore, I decided it was time for a new challenge.

When I started my job at Batavia, I was immediately impressed by the work ethics. Everyone works together to provide the best quality service for our customers within the set timelines. People here are driven to meet deadlines and they understand that any delays in the projects mean postponements in getting potential live-saving therapies to patients. It is really a team effort. Everyone puts in the work needed to move projects forward and reach the objectives. This high level of dedication and teamwork was a welcome change from what I had experienced previously with other contract organizations.

As an outsourcing partner, you work on multiple projects at the same time. Since working at Batavia, I have gained the greatest respect for CROs that are successful at focusing on so many things and still being able to deliver on promises.

Working within a growing organization

Many people seem to think that working at a large organization is the best way to build a career. That is not how I see it. If you work in the analytical department like I do, the work in big pharmaceutical companies can become quite repetitive. Essentially, you perform the same task over and over again, with little variation between the projects. This is completely the opposite to working at a contractor. Because they work for a wide variety of customers with projects ranging from recombinant protein candidates to innovative gene therapy vectors. This exposure to a greater variety of applications and processes can really help expand your horizons.

Additionally, I like the fact that if you work at a scaleup company, your career can grow in parallel with the firm. It provides opportunities you would not find easily within a more established organization.

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