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We are a biopharmaceutical CDMO with expertise in viral vectors, viral vaccines, proteins and antibodies. We are not your standard CDMO – our customers regularly refer to us as their product development partner and thought partner.

Our approach is personal and always aimed at the most optimal process for your biopharmaceutical product. For every new project, we thoroughly discuss your needs, and proactively offer advice and support. We can assist in all stages of early process/product development, up to GMP manufacturing for phase I and II clinical trials. This includes the development of (stable) cell lines, viral vectors and analytical assays.

For the European and the US market, we have successfully manufactured and released products for phase I and phase II clinical trials and are proud of our impeccable IND and IMPD filling track record. All our projects are managed by a dedicated project manager and scientist. At Batavia, the same team that is responsible for developing the processes will also perform the GMP production. By doing so, we minimize the impact of the technology transfer from the development phase to GMP manufacturing, reduce timelines and diminish scale-up difficulties that otherwise might occur.

Our aim is to accelerate the progression of your biopharmaceutical product from discovery to the clinic. With facilities in the Netherlands, US and an office in Hong Kong, we are privileged to have strong strategic partners worldwide.