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Ten years ago, Christopher Yallop and Menzo Havenga incorporated Batavia Biosciences at the chamber of commerce in the Netherlands. The company started operations on January 1, 2010 at that time with 7 employees (our “magnificent seven”). Today, we are a 100 people strong with operations in the US, Asia, and the Netherlands and we are striving daily to contribute to the development of safe, efficacious and affordable new and improved biopharmaceuticals.

Positioned as a center of excellence in the development and clinical manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, the company’s mission is to reduce human suffering from infectious disease and cancer. Hereto, we use all our know-how, experience and capabilities as a valuable thought partner to help our customers to bring new candidate medicines from the bench to the clinic. We are very proud to work with eminent biotech, pharma and non-profit organizations worldwide.

At the heart of Batavia are its employees. Without a doubt, it is their passion, drive, and innovative spirit that propels company growth. Owing to the many years of industry experience, our team thoroughly understands the challenges in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and has amply demonstrated the ability to provide practical solutions to challenging problems.

We are looking forward to help accelerate the development of promising biopharmaceuticals for many years to come!