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To accelerate the journey to the clinic, we offer a full range of development and manufacturing services for all major classes of biopharmaceutical, and have developed a portfolio of technologies aimed to improve product yield, reduce process development time and increase product stability. These technologies have demonstrated to reduce risks, improve timelines and reduce costs in biopharmaceutical development to ensure the product reaches the patient without any unnecessary delays. We are an active player in Global Health, where we collaborate with prominent academic institutions and public organizations to improve the availability and affordability of key biopharmaceuticals for all in need.

Equipped to tackle challenges

The company employs a highly educated staff with many years of experience in DNA cloning, mammalian cell line generation, upstream process development, purification development, product characterization, and clinical manufacturing. As such the company, with laboratories in USA and the Netherlands, is well positioned to take on any challenge associated with the development of complex biological medicines be it proteins, antibodies, vaccines or viral vectors.

The founders

Batavia Biosciences was founded in 2010 by Chris Yallop and Menzo Havenga. Chris build his career first on recombinant proteins and antibodies, while Menzo did the same on vaccines and viral vectors. During their career, they experienced both the benefits and hurdles associated with outsourcing. Using that experience, they decided to build their own contract development and manufacturing organization, positioned to help clients from an early idea through process development into clinical GMP manufacturing.

Vision & mission

As a recognized centre of excellence in biopharmaceutical R&D and clinical manufacturing, Batavia Biosciences is driven to reduce human suffering from infectious disease and cancer. Our vision and mission are carried by our staff, who are driven by their core values; drive, flexibility, quality and scientific excellence.

Company timeline

Batavia Biosciences


Expansion viral vector capacity in Boston area

Viral vector process development Boston
Expansion of the R&D facility in Woburn, (MA) allows us to expand process development capacity for HIP-Vax. Through innovative bioprocess intensification, HIP-Vax technology allows clinical manufacturing at a lab-scale.

10-year anniversary

10-year anniversary Batavia Biosciences.jpg
We are celebrating! Ten years ago, Chris Yallop and Menzo Havenga incorporated Batavia Biosciences at the chamber of commerce in the Netherlands. The company started operations on January 1, 2010 at that time with…

Expansion viral vector and GMP facilities

Viral vector facility Medford
Announcement of the 4,000 ft2 expansion of the viral vector process development facilities in the USA and GMP clean room facilities in the Netherlands to accommodate the increasing market demand.

100 employees

Batavia Biosciences hires its 100th employee
Batavia Biosciences hires its 100th employee! The company is proud to have a highly educated and very experienced staff.

Moving to new facility NL

Moving to new facility Leiden, The Netherlands
To accommodate the fast growth, Batavia Biosciences needed a new facility in the Netherlands. Therefore, a brand new, state of the art, office and laboratory infrastructure (65,000 ft2) was built…

Bioservices becomes Biosciences

Logo Batavia Biosciences
Batavia Bioservices changes its name to Batavia Biosciences. The new name better reflects the added value and scientific support that we bring to our sponsors as well as our R&D…

Opening sales office Hong Kong

Sales office Hong Kong
In 2014 the company opened an office in Hong Kong to serve the growing order portfolio in Asia.

Launch of US subsidiary

Batavia Biosciences: US facility
Batavia Bioservices Inc. launches laboratory infrastructure in the Greater Boston area. 10,000 ft2 of dedicated BSL-2 laboratories are fully equipped to accommodate the increasing market demand from the US.

Acquisition of Xendo Manufacturing B.V.

Acquisition Xendo Manufacturing
The acquisition gave Batavia access to simulated moving bed purification technology as well as infrastructure, and microbial process and product development. With the acquisition the company had doubled its staff.

The company was founded

Founders Batavia Biosciences
Menzo Havenga and Chris Yallop founded, what was then still called, Batavia Bioservices. With a staff of 7 dedicated people, vaccine and therapeutic protein projects for the first customers were…

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