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Webinar: Latest Advancements in Production of Therapeutic Antibodies on E. coli

This webinar will give you insights in the possibilities that E. coli fermentation systems can offer for manufacturing of therapeutic antibodies, including antibody fragments.

There will be special focus on our new fermentation technology, SCOPE®  technology: a system for a controlled regulation of protein expression yields in E. coli with a case study to showcase the latest technological advancements.

Want to learn how you can produce your next therapeutic antibody in a highly cost-efficient way, watch the video now!

Presented by:

Sagrario Arias Rivas, Principal Scientist at Batavia Biosciences. She has over 10 years experience in Microbial Process Development for all major classes of biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Arias Rivas has a PhD on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and is co-author of 5 patents and 16 scientific publications and book chapters.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn the pros and cons of microbial production platforms for biopharmaceuticals
  • How to optimize your E. coli strain generation
  • How to increase your translational success rate

SCOPE® technology: recombinant protein production

Cell Culture & Microbial Medium Optimization

Clinical Manufacturing