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Batavia Biosciences is proud to announce that CJ CheilJedang (Seoul, South Korea) has selected the company to advance its position in the red biotechnology field.

In a press release today, CJ CheilJedang officials commented: “While many global biopharmaceutical companies are actively developing biotechnology products, Batavia is among the very few who are equipped with the facilities and know-how to rapidly and cost-effectively manufacture these products”.

Furthermore, it was stated that: “With a substantial increase in human life expectancy and a focus on individual healthcare, CJ CheilJedang expects next-generation interventions, including gene therapies and microbiome-based therapies, to grow significantly in the coming years”.

Batavia Biosciences’ two founders will remain in the management of the company and as minority shareholders to realize the company’s strategic business plan and further growth.

About CJ CheilJedang

CJ CheilJedang(CJCJ), the largest and major affiliate of CJ Group, is one of the leading & innovative company in food and biotechnology businesses in Korea. CJCJ’s consolidated revenue in 2020 reached USD 21.72 billion, with operatingincome of USD 1.2 billion. Established in 1953 as a food ingredient company, CJ CheilJedang has expanded its business to processed foods, feed & food additives, and most recently microbiome basedtherapeutics. To learn more about CJCJ, please visit: