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Mammalian proteins

Batavia Biosciences utilizes transient protein production from 20 mL to 50 L scale to deliver mg to g quantities of protein in only a couple of weeks.

At small scale, this is leveraged to screen multiple protein variants, muteins or antibody constructs to select the required product candidate, at large scale, it is used to produce sufficient material for proof-of-concept studies.

SCOUT® technology can be used to select product candidates for positive features such as, potency, glycosylation etc. or against negative features such as tendency for aggregation. A specific methodology is applied at Batavia Biosciences for producing monoclonal antibodies.

Batavia Biosciences has experience in producing a wide range of different recombinant proteins including; IgG’s, IgM’s, blood coagulation proteins, fertility hormones, enzyme replacement therapy proteins, biosimilars and vaccine antigens (eg: HIV, RSV).

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