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Proteins & antibodies

Proteins & antibodies

Our recombinant protein and antibody capabilities include mammalian cell line and bacterial strain generation, production, purification and analysis of recombinant proteins and antibodies manufactured in microbial or mammalian fermentation systems.

Protein and antibody capabilities

Here at Batavia Biosciences, we generate protein and antibody products as well as perform process development and scale-up of such products in our Woburn facility (MA, USA). Clinical manufacturing of all products is performed in our GMP facility located in the Netherlands. Batavia Biosciences offers unique technologies to increase protein and antibody product yields, decrease process development time, and improve product stability. In general, our strengths include vector construction, stable mammalian cell line generation and microbial strain generation, small- and large-scale transient production, upstream and downstream process development and scale-up, medium selection, feed strategy optimization, analytical development, product characterization and cGMP manufacturing. Our comprehensive expertise allows us to deliver a complete package comprising of purified product together with all relevant protocols and pivotal biochemical and analytical characterization data.

Proteins and antibodies track record

We have successfully delivered a diverse range of biosimilars including growth factors, fertility hormones, enzymes, anti-cancer fusion proteins, clotting factors, antibodies, antibody fragments, viral proteins and antigenic proteins. For instance, in collaboration with Prof. James Crowe (Pediatrics & Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology Department, Vanderbilt Vaccine Center, Nashville) we have worked on the generation of CHO cell lines expressing potent virus-neutralizing antibodies. Additionally, for COPro Biotech, we have used our STEP® technology to develop a stable biosimilar producer cell line.

Prof. James Crowe, Vanderbilt Vaccine Center: “The proactive thinking and problem-solving mindset at Batavia have been very much appreciated. Getting our potent antibodies from bench to clinic is an absolute priority.”

Yiding Wang, Director Operations, COPro Biotech: “With pleasure we have collaborated with the Batavia team on cell line development. Their STEP® technology is very suitable for generating biosimilar producing cell lines.”

Proteins & antibodies technologies

STEP® technology

Batavia Biosciences STEP technology for increased protein expression

SCOPE® technology

SCOPE technology for microbial recombinant protein production

SCOUT® technology

SCOUT technology: High-throughput screening protein viral vector vaccine

Upstream process development

We deliver scalable and robust GMP-compliant production processes for recombinant proteins. Upstream process development for mammalian platforms For small scale, high-throughput productions (microgram to milligram range of proteins), we typically apply our SCOUT® technology. This system integrates high-throughput cell culture using mini bioreactors (spin tubes; 2 - 20 mL working volume) with high throughput purification technology (spin-traps and…

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Downstream process development

We deliver scalable and robust GMP-compliant purification processes for recombinant proteins. Our expertise in downstream processing allows us to develop improved or completely novel purification processes. Hereto, we typically adhere to Design of Experiments (DoE) and Quality by Design (QbD) tools to efficiently anchor purification steps and monitor the key process parameters for scale-up. Downstream…

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Meet the experts

    Select your protein expressing cell line: first time rightMeet the Expert: Sagrario, R&D Program Manager The selection of stable protein producing cell lines is a tedious process in which normally two substantially different approaches are being pursued in the field. One strategy relies on robot-assisted, high-throughput screening of thousands of transfected expression cells, whereas the other hinges on the stringent…
    In manufacturing it’s ALL about Quality ControlMeet the Expert: Freek, Quality Control / Validation Scientist The Quality Control (QC) department performs analytical development, assay qualification, assay validation, testing on raw materials, cell substrates and cell banks. Also, the department is heavily involved in the “in-process” testing as well as testing the final drug substance and drug product. In…
    Drivers in selecting a reliable partner for clinical GMP manufacturingMeet the Expert: Pim, GMP Scientist One of the most sought-after outsourcing demands in life sciences is clinical GMP manufacturing and release of biopharmaceutical products to allow subsequent testing in human subjects for safety and efficacy. Globally the market for this outsourcing activity is estimated at about $3 billion annually, of which…
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