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    Select your protein expressing cell line: first time rightMeet the Expert: Sagrario, R&D Program Manager The selection of stable protein producing cell lines is a tedious process in which normally two substantially different approaches are being pursued in the field. One strategy relies on robot-assisted, high-throughput screening of thousands of transfected expression cells, whereas the other hinges on the stringent…
    In manufacturing it’s ALL about Quality ControlMeet the Expert: Freek, Quality Control / Validation Scientist The Quality Control (QC) department performs analytical development, assay qualification, assay validation, testing on raw materials, cell substrates and cell banks. Also, the department is heavily involved in the “in-process” testing as well as testing the final drug substance and drug product. In…
    Drivers in selecting a reliable partner for clinical GMP manufacturingMeet the Expert: Pim, GMP Scientist One of the most sought-after outsourcing demands in life sciences is clinical GMP manufacturing and release of biopharmaceutical products to allow subsequent testing in human subjects for safety and efficacy. Globally the market for this outsourcing activity is estimated at about $3 billion annually, of which…
    Quality specialist is key in any biopharmaceutical development teamMeet the Expert: Margreet, QA specialist The ability to translate biopharmaceutical research into products is known to have a high failure rate. A staggering 75% of published pre-clinical data cannot be reproduced or validated to allow further product development1. I believe that the only way to prevent such disappointments both scientifically, as…
    The E. coli platform for production of therapeutic antibody fragmentsMeet the Expert: Pranav, Microbial Bioprocess Scientist E. coli has been used as a platform for the production of therapeutic proteins since the late 1970’s. The organism is a well-known and cost-effective biological production factory for which many genetic tools and scale up cultivation strategies are available. As a matter of fact,…
    The need to increase production yield of therapeutic proteinsMeet the Expert: Abhinav, Principal Scientist. Biopharmaceuticals are expensive due to the many years of research and development associated with the discovery, development, clinical testing, and market launch of these medicines. As an example; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a monoclonal antibody called ipilimumab (Yervoy; Bristol-Myers Squibb, New York, NY)…

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