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Responsible Disclosure

Batavia Biosciences takes the security of its systems very seriously. However, every system no matter how much effort is put in, still has vulnerabilities. If you discover a vulnerability in our systems, we ask that you let us know so that we can quickly take steps to address it to protect both ourselves and our customers.

We ask that you please do the following:

  • Send us an e-mail at with details of what you have found;
  • Do not take advantage of the vulnerability which you have discovered;
  • Do not reveal the vulnerability to anyone except us until we have resolved the issue; and
  • Please do provide us with enough information to be able to reproduce the issue which you have discovered to allow us to solve the problem as fast as possible.

In return, we promise:

  • We will respond to your e-mail within 5 working days and let you know when we expect to have resolved the issue;
  • As long as you have followed the steps we set out above, we will not pursue any legal action against you in respect of the report;
  • We will keep you informed of our progress in resolving the problem; and
  • When we make the problem public we will include your name as the discoverer of the issue (unless you ask us not to).

We try to resolve all reported vulnerabilities as soon as we are able and we would like to play a role in publication of the problem once it has been resolved.

June 2018