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SATIRN® technology: thermostable membrane protein formulation

The SATIRN® technology delivers a platform to manufacture potent, self-adjuvanting, thermostable membrane protein-based vaccines.

The SATIRN® technology ensures the conservation of native conformation and biological activity of membrane protein antigens, while simultaneously imparting enhanced stability and solubility in comparison to conventional methodologies such as micelles, bicelles or liposomes. The SATIRN® technology comprises of a bilayer of synthetically produced lipids, held together by membrane scaffold proteins (MSP). MSP acts as the scaffold in which target membrane proteins can be incorporated. The use of specially designed synthetic lipids imparts adjuvanting properties to the formulation.

Batavia Biosciences offers the technical know-how, equipment, manufacturing services, and biological ingredients to deliver membrane proteins formulated via its SATIRN® technology. All biological materials used in the process adhere to high standards of quality control and assurance.

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