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SCOPE® technology: recombinant protein production

The SCOPE® technology allows Batavia Biosciences to generate protein expressing E. coli strains, providing high product yield and tight control of expression for various classes of proteins.

SCOPE® technology comprises a set of expression vectors that can be used in combination with our E. coli Coliath strain or any other preferred, sponsor derived, E. coli strain.

The SCOPE® vectors are modular build expression vectors allowing rapid exchange of diverse elements, i.e. promoters, origin of replication, leader sequences and antibiotics resistance marker to quickly adapt to any specific need based on the characteristics of the protein to be manufactured. Our ready to go SCOPE® vectors have amply proven their value providing tight control of protein expression in case the protein of interest interferes with biomass formation or simply high yield production of proteins in either inclusion bodies, soluble format, or secreted to the periplasmic fraction.

Batavia Biosciences has all know-how and capabilities in house to generate E. coli strains and to perform the required development and optimization of the upstream and downstream processes.

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