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Cell line development

Batavia Biosciences offers stable CHO cell line development services starting from expression vector construction up to delivering high protein producing, pharmaceutical-grade, master cell banks.

A key success factor in the development of biopharmaceutical products is the availability of a stable production cell line expressing the product at high yield, proper biological activity and desired pharmacokinetics profile. At Batavia Biosciences, we have developed stable CHO cell lines able to produce the desired product at over 10-fold higher yield compared to commercial benchmarks, without compromising the quality of the product.

Our integrated cell line development process

Our cell line development project typically starts with the design and cloning of the DNA sequence encoding for the new molecular entity (NME) of interest. Here, our scientists have ample experience and offer their know-how to ensure optimal transcription, translation, and preferred cellular routing. At Batavia Biosciences there is a wealth of knowledge on working with diverse mammalian cell culture platforms and products. Therefore, our R&D team can either start using a customer preferred platform or, alternatively, our pharmaceutical-grade CHO platform can be selected. Upon transfection of the DNA into the preferred cell line we typically perform stable cell pool generation, stable clone selection, cell clone stability testing, bioreactor performance, final clone selection and GMP cell banking. The integration of all these steps into a seamless process measuring critical attributes of the product along the way (product yield, activity, glycosylation, etc.) allows us to deliver high quality stable protein producing CHO cell clones in record time. Batavia Biosciences is proud to have a 100% successful track record in bringing CHO production cell lines for clinic material production.

Our STEP® technology

Batavia Biosciences has developed STEP® technology to dramatically increase production yields on CHO cells. We employ this plasmid-based expression technology as part of a fully integrated technology platform for cell line and bioprocess development, combining it with high cell density manufacturing, and innovations in purification. STEP® technology enables stable protein expression with substantial increased production yields of biologically active compounds. Our technology delivers stable CHO cell pools in 8 weeks and stable cell clones in less than 12 weeks. We offer our STEP® technology in combination with our own in-house, pharmaceutical-grade CHO cell line.

Track record

Batavia Biosciences has successfully delivered many CHO producer cell lines for the production of biosimilars, growth factors, fertility hormones, antibodies and vaccine antigens. For case studies we kindly refer you to our factsheets.

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