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Our range of services allows production of milligram to gram quantities of research material, serving the specific needs of the customer.

We offer a variety of culture formats (e.g. spin tubes, shake flasks, spinner flasks and roller bottles). Larger quantities are produced using disposable or bench scale bioreactors (0.5-20 L). Pilot scale bioreactors are available for 200 L production.

The different upstream scales are matched with appropriately scaled downstream equipment for clarification, chromatography and filtration. volumes with appropriate methods; 96-w plates, spin traps/spin filters or chromatography and filtration.  Integration of cell culture, purification and product analysis and characterization allows us to deliver a complete package of purified product together with associated biochemical and analytical characterization data.

Our experts would be happy to advise you on the best solution for your project

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Cell line generation