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Virus & Viral vector generation

The viral platform provides generation, production, purification and analysis of DNA and RNA viruses and viral vectors on mammalian cell culture systems.

Viral vectors for gene therapy can be generated, produced, purified and analyzed at both research grade and pre-Master Virus Seed grade. The pre-Master Virus Seed grade viral vectors are generated and analyzed in such a way that they are suitable for use in GMP. All required documentation will be supplied.

We have ample experience in the generation of research grade virus and viral vector batches. In addition, we have successfully generated multiple pre-Master Virus Seed grade virus of viral vector batches, which are (to be) used for the generation of phase I clinical drug products. We have developed virus and viral vector production procedures (USP and DSP) suitable for GMP. We are also experienced in developing and subsequently validating vector specific analyses.

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