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Stable cell line generation

To meet the growing global demand for mammalian stable cell line generation, Batavia Biosciences recently expanded its production facilities. The expansion allows us to keep fulfilling our ambition to accelerate biopharmaceutical product development with guaranteed short delivery timelines.

Stable cell lines

At Batavia Biosciences, we have ample experience on culturing diverse mammalian cell platforms, starting with the design and cloning of the preferred DNA sequence to subsequently perform stable pool generation, stable clone selection, stability testing, bioreactor performance, and GMP cell banking. The integration of all these steps into a seamless process allows us to generate high quality stable protein producing cell clones of your choice in record time.

Our project can either start by using your cell line of choice or alternatively Batavia Biosciences’ clinical-grade CHO or HEK293 cell platforms can be selected.

Stable CHO cell lines using STEP® technology

Batavia Biosciences’ STEP® technology uses uniquely designed expression plasmids capable of delivering stable CHO pools in 8 weeks and stable CHO clones within just 12 weeks. This is accomplished by means of extreme stringent cell selection. Next to unprecedented speed, cell clones developed with STEP® technology have proven to offer at least a 10-fold increase in protein expression levels compared to commercially available benchmarks. The later without the need for gene amplification or time-consuming rounds of sub-cloning (please download our STEP® technology factsheet).

In brief, our STEP® technology is based on three key features, (I) an impaired Zeocin selection marker and DNA spacer that reduce both translation of the Zeocin protein and its functionality, (II) potent expression enhancing elements increase gene expression and allow cells to survive extreme high selection stringency, and (III) linkage of the selection marker to the Gene of Interest results in one mRNA molecule with high expression of the protein of interest in surviving cells.

As a company dedicated to bringing biopharmaceuticals to the market at higher speed, with reduced costs, and with a higher success rate, Batavia Biosciences has vast experience in developing stable mammalian cell lines. The team of experienced researchers use the newest technologies and are well equipped to take on any challenge associated with cell line development.

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