Accelerate biotechnology


Batavia Biosciences services large pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, academia, governmental organizations and charity as well as life sciences start up companies.

All our clients tap into Batavia Biosciences’ extensive knowledge and experience in developing or improving biopharmaceutical products and manufacturing processes.

Our strengths include viral vector and protein expression vector construction, generation of viral vaccine seed stocks, mammalian cell line and microbial strain generation, transient protein production, upstream and downstream process optimization, medium development, assay development, product characterization and clinical manufacturing.

Examples of currently offered unique technologies are; SCOUT® high throughput process development technology, STEP® protein expression technology and SIDUS® viral vector technology. We are committed to develop new technologies that we can leverage to further accelerate and optimize our client’s preclinical trajectory.

Our experts would be happy to advise you on the best solution for your project

SIDUS® technology

SIDUS® technology - Viral Vectors

Transient production technology

Transient protein production

SCOUT® technology: accelerated testing

SCOUT® scaled down high throughput testing

STEP® technology: increased protein expression

Batavia Biosciences STEP technology for increased protein expression