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STEP® technology: increased protein expression

STEP® technology increases protein expression in CHO cells with at least 10-fold, taking a mere 12 weeks to generate stable cell clones. By means of a highly stringent selection, our platform achieves extreme high protein expression levels in CHO cells without the need for gene amplification or time-consuming rounds of cell sub cloning.

Stable cell line development

STEP® technology enables the rapid generation of stable, mammalian CHO cell lines, able to provide at least 10-fold more product per cell as compared to benchmark cell lines. In the rapidly growing market of recombinant proteins and antibodies our STEP® technology provides a tool to complete preclinical phases at higher speed, with reduced costs, and a higher success rate.

STEP® vector

STEP® technology is based on three key features. An impaired Zeocin selection marker and DNA spacer that reduce both translation of the Zeocin protein and its functionality. Potent expression enhancing elements increase gene expression and allow cells to survive high selection stringency. Linkage of the selection marker to the Gene Of Interest results in one mRNA molecule with high expression of the product in surviving cells.



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