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Viral Vaccines

Viral vaccines

Our viral vaccine capabilitiess include generation, production, purification and analysis of DNA and RNA viruses manufactured on mammalian cell lines.

Our contribution to Global Health

In pursuit of increasing global vaccination coverage, we are committed to develop technologies that substantially lower the cost of vaccine manufacturing. Hereto, we develop highly intensified production process for viral vaccines, HIP-Vax, to reduce cost of product by decreasing CAPEX and cost of goods. Furthermore, we have developed SCOUT® technology to reduce development timelines and time to market. As it is known that costs of capital (53%) and cost of failure (40%) are the biggest cost attributes to a vaccine price paid by consumers, our platforms substantially aid global health initiatives to reach their goals.

Viral vaccines track record

We have extensive experience in manufacturing a wide range of viruses including polio, measles, rubella, influenza and rotavirus. We are proud to have delivered vaccine products for phase-I and phase-II clinical studies in both the EU and US markets. Our experience in the field, anchored in production, purification, and testing protocols, has resulted in a successful track record in delivering vaccine products. For example, in a collaboration with PATH, we have manufactured GMP virus stocks of several novel oral polio vaccine strains. In addition, in collaboration with Prof. Marcellus Ubbink (Leiden University, Netherlands) we are developing a very promising new class of vaccines: self-adjuvating, thermostable influenza vaccines.

John Konz, Project Director, PATH: “The projects that we have done with Batavia were both technically and logistically challenging, but owing to their in-depth know-how and experience in working with viruses, have been very successful. The staff members at Batavia display great ownership in delivering on their commitments.”

Prof. Marcellus Ubbink, Leiden University: “Together with Batavia Biosciences, under a grant from the TTW (Applied and Engineering Sciences) domain of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), we are jointly developing novel influenza vaccines. This is a very exciting program and requires intimate collaboration, because the program involves a public – private training module. I am enthusiastic about the collaboration, because such projects between the University and a research-oriented company like Batavia are the way for scientific insights to find useful applications in society.”

Viral vaccines technologies

HIP-Vax technology

HIP-Vax for viral vaccine manufacturing

SATIRN® technology

Membrane protein formulation

SCOUT® technology

SCOUT technology: High-throughput screening protein viral vector vaccine

Upstream process development

We deliver scalable and robust GMP-compliant processes for viral vaccines. Upstream processing equipment for virus production We operate a range of different manufacturing scales and utilize diverse cell culture equipment for both adherent growth and growth in suspension. The scale ranges from high-throughput 20 mL up to 200 L bioreactors. The equipment ranges from shake…

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Downstream process development

We deliver scalable and robust GMP-compliant processes for viral vaccines. The different upstream scales are matched with appropriately scaled downstream equipment for clarification, concentration, chromatography and filtration. For the purification of viruses, we offer clarification by depth filtration with a variety of different filters including filters that combine particle purification and impurity removal. Removal of…

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Meet the experts

    In manufacturing it’s ALL about Quality ControlMeet the Expert: Freek, Quality Control / Validation Scientist The Quality Control (QC) department performs analytical development, assay qualification, assay validation, testing on raw materials, cell substrates and cell banks. Also, the department is heavily involved in the “in-process” testing as well as testing the final drug substance and drug product. In…
    Drivers in selecting a reliable partner for clinical GMP manufacturingMeet the Expert: Pim, GMP Scientist One of the most sought-after outsourcing demands in life sciences is clinical GMP manufacturing and release of biopharmaceutical products to allow subsequent testing in human subjects for safety and efficacy. Globally the market for this outsourcing activity is estimated at about $3 billion annually, of which…
    Quality specialist is key in any biopharmaceutical development teamMeet the Expert: Margreet, QA specialist The ability to translate biopharmaceutical research into products is known to have a high failure rate. A staggering 75% of published pre-clinical data cannot be reproduced or validated to allow further product development1. I believe that the only way to prevent such disappointments both scientifically, as…
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