Viral vaccines

Our viral vaccine capabilitiess include generation, production, purification and analysis of DNA and RNA viruses manufactured on mammalian cell lines.

Our contribution to Global Health

In pursuit of increasing global vaccination coverage, we are committed to develop technologies that substantially lower the cost of vaccine manufacturing. Hereto, we develop highly intensified production process for viral vaccines, HIP-Vax, to reduce cost of product by decreasing CAPEX and cost of goods. Furthermore, we have developed SCOUT® technology to reduce development timelines and time to market. As it is known that costs of capital (53%) and cost of failure (40%) are the biggest cost attributes to a vaccine price paid by consumers, our platforms substantially aid global health initiatives to reach their goals.

Viral vaccines track record

We have extensive experience in manufacturing a wide range of viruses including polio, measles, rubella, influenza and rotavirus. We are proud to have delivered vaccine products for phase-I and phase-II clinical studies in both the EU and US markets. Our experience in the field, anchored in production, purification, and testing protocols, has resulted in a successful track record in delivering vaccine products. For example, in a collaboration with PATH, we have manufactured GMP virus stocks of several novel oral polio vaccine strains. In addition, in collaboration with Prof. Marcellus Ubbink (Leiden University, Netherlands) we are developing a very promising new class of vaccines: self-adjuvating, thermostable influenza vaccines.

The projects that we have done with Batavia were both technically and logistically challenging, but owing to their in-depth know-how and experience in working with viruses, have been very successful. The staff members at Batavia display great ownership in delivering on their commitments.

John KonzProject Director, PATH

Together with Batavia Biosciences, under a grant from the TTW (Applied and Engineering Sciences) domain of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), we are jointly developing novel influenza vaccines. This is a very exciting program and requires intimate collaboration, because the program involves a public – private training module. I am enthusiastic about the collaboration, because such projects between the University and a research-oriented company like Batavia are the way for scientific insights to find useful applications in society.

Prof. Marcellus Ubbink,Leiden University

We’re proud to call Batavia Biosciences an IAVI collaborator since 2012 as both organizations share a common goal to develop vaccines that are affordable and accessible to address infectious disease globally. Batavia has been instrumental in the development of cell lines, process, and analytics to support IAVI’s manufacturing and development of HIV vaccine viral vectors, in particular for the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) platform for clinical testing. Building on this experience, IAVI and Batavia are extending this innovative collaboration to include use of the VSV platform for the development of vaccines for other emerging infectious diseases that disproportionately affect people living in poverty.

Mark Feinberg, M.D., Ph.DIAVI President and CEO

Viral vaccines technologies

HIP-Vax for low-cost viral vector and vaccine manufacturing

HIP-Vax technology®

Under the HIP-Vax® brand, we market our process development services and know-how which enables fast and low-cost vaccine manufacturing using bioprocess intensification technologies.

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SATIRN® technology

SATIRN® technology

The SATIRN® technology delivers a platform to manufacture potent, self-adjuvating, thermostable, membrane protein-based vaccines.

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SCOUT® technology

The SCOUT® technology provides for an effective tool for “Design-of-Experiments” (DoE) approaches. It uses a miniaturized production and purification platform to rapidly develop multivariate processes.

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Process development

We develop scalable, robust and GMP-compliant manufacturing processes for viral vaccines.

Upstream process development

We deliver scalable and robust GMP-compliant processes for viral vaccines.

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Downstream process development

We deliver scalable and robust GMP-compliant processes for viral vaccines.

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Analytical development

We perform and develop all the required product-specific release and stability assays for your viral vaccine.

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In silico cost modeling

We often perform in silico cost modeling of manufacturing processes for viral vaccines.

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