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Viral vaccine manufacturing

We offer a broad range of preclinical and clinical manufacturing services for viral vaccines.

We operate BSL-2 R&D and GMP manufacturing facilities. The GMP facility is equipped to run up to 200 L mammalian cell line-based processes and is fully licensed to manufacture viral vaccines for clinical studies. In our facility, we also manufacture GMP-grade master and working cell banks and master and working virus seeds. Overseeing quality is a Qualified Person (QP), Quality Control (QC) department and Quality Assurance (QA) department.

We appoint a dedicated project manager to each project, be it a preclinical or clinical manufacturing project. The project manager is usually already familiar with the project, having been involved in the quotation writing process. The project manager acts as the “eyes and ears” of the customer, ensuring that the organization delivers on promises. These are defined in deliverables, so that overall milestones are met in time and according to budget. Hereto, the project manager is tasked with building the project team, i.e. a cross-functional team comprising all contributing functional departments required for the execution of the project.

The project manager serves as the central point of contact for the customer in all project-related matters. During the project, frequent meetings between the customer and project manager are scheduled. During these meetings, the project manager informs the customer on progress, deliverables met, challenges, delays, hurdles and should it be required, proposes potential solutions to mitigate any deviations from the set timelines.

Viral vaccine manufacturing track record

We have performed more than 500 projects for large pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and non-profit organizations with superb customer satisfaction.

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