Low-cost vaccine manufacturing

Innovative bioprocess intensification technologies pave the way for significantly higher production efficiency of viral vaccines. Our HIP-Vax platform combines state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing technologies to reduce cost of goods below one dollar per dose.

HIP-Vax for low-cost viral vector and vaccine manufacturing

Vaccines have a profound impact on global health, by reducing the morbidity and mortality caused by infections. However, current high costs of manufacturing often prevent a major part of the world population access to these critical medicines. A significant share of the manufacturing costs can be attributed to the need for large and expensive facilities. To reduce this part of the costs, we developed the HIP-Vax technology highly intensified manufacturing processes.

By means of bioprocess intensification, we are able to:

  • Reduce facility footprint (CAPEX),
  • Reduce amount of labor and consumables required (OPEX),
  • Reduce total process times,
  • Reduce cost of goods.

HIP-Vax offers a complete solution for various viral vaccines, such as measles, rubella, polio and customer-specific vector systems. The package contains:

  • cGMP compliant protocols of the intensified production and purification processes,
  • Optimized producer cell lines,
  • Vaccine virus seeds.

HIP-Vax  production process characteristics

The production process uses a novel bioreactor design (scale-X™ ), able to support high cell densities and virus yields per bioreactor volume. In addition, high efficiency of downstream recovery with limited process steps results in an optimized purification process. Finally, all required analytical assays for release, characterization and stability testing of products are in place and ready for use. Combined with our state-of-the-art process intensification expertise, this can increase process output up to 20-fold. As a result, HIP-Vax allows significant miniaturization of the manufacturing facility through which commercial manufacture at lab scale is possible, thereby significantly reducing the cost of goods for the manufacture of vaccines.

Batavia has HIP-Vax enabled vaccine production processes already in place, which are available via a license. We also offer research and development services to develop a HIP-Vax enabled manufacturing process or any other process for customer-specific vaccines. To see what process fits your needs the best, please contact us for more information.

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