SCOUT® technology

High-throughput screening for vaccines

SCOUT® technology is an effective tool for Design-of-Experiments (DoE) approaches as it uses a miniaturized production and purification platform to quickly develop and anchor multivariate processes.


SCOUT® technology for vaccine upstream development

Our SCOUT® technology has been successfully used to substantially increase the cell density of diverse cell lines known to support virus growth, hence increasing virus yield. The SCOUT® technology has also been used to rapidly optimize critical vaccine production parameters, such as best time of harvest, optimal multiplicity of infection (MOI), and optimal genome packaging in culture. In order to develop SCOUT® technology, we invested in optimized protocols for diverse cell lines that support virus growth in the SCOUT® bioreactors including modified, cloned, or parental Vero, MRC-5, and MDCK cell lines. We have a panel of GMP-compliant production media that facilitates the rapid assessment of virus yield under different conditions using the SCOUT® system. With these tools we have been able to identify culture conditions to increase soluble influenza hemagglutinin production up to 5-fold, which is just one of many applications of our SCOUT® system. One of the great advantages of our SCOUT® technology, apart from speed, cost-reduction, and versatility, is our experience that optimal upstream parameters identified from our SCOUT® experiments can be seamlessly extrapolated to scale up to larger-sized manufacturing bioreactors.

SCOUT® technology for vaccine downstream development

The cell culture capabilities that are part of the SCOUT® technology are matched with high-throughput purification technology. Purification is performed using commercially available 96-well plates, spin-traps and spin-filters and which are packed in-house with various resins to generate custom-made, product-specific, high-throughput purification tools when necessary. High-throughput screening of novel resins to identify binding and elution (using 96-well plates or spin-traps) is part of our repertoire to quickly develop reliable protocols for pharmaceutical grade purification. Naturally, the SCOUT® technology is backed by a wide range of qualified assays ensuring in-process control, anchoring SCOUT® technology as a complete laboratory tool for the rapid and robust development of manufacturing protocols for viruses.

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