In Silico Cost Modeling

When you are developing a viral vector product, such as vectored vaccines, gene therapies or oncolytic viruses, a robust, cost-effective, and high yielding manufacturing process will support your product’s financial viability.

Unfortunately, we see product developers are regularly confronted with cost implications of unexpected changes during scale-up for clinical manufacturing. In silico cost modeling of manufacturing processes provides insights in Cost-of-Goods of the production process, so that you can make informed decisions.

The in silico modeling of production processes allows product developers to gain insight into the main cost drivers of the process in an early development stage. This helps you to quickly make well-informed decisions in the design of manufacturing processes. It saves time and resources during the development phase and will lead to lower Cost of Goods during the manufacturing of viral vectors. For the cost modeling, we use the BioSolve Process software package, developed and marketed by Biopharm Services. This software package integrates the latest industry-benchmarked price information for labor, materials, consumables, and equipment into the modelled process, leading to up-to-date insights.

Benefits of in silico cost modeling

In silico cost modeling is a pivotal tool to understand cost implications of technology and process choices. It allows the design of the most cost-effective process set-up and selection of optimized technologies in support of the process under development. Thus, it tremendously contributes to the long-term planning of product developers. In silico modeling helps to reduce risks by quickly carrying out multiple process comparison analyses and facility utilization assessments. We use the BioSolve Process software package to help develop business cases for novel and innovative technologies or process options. With the many analysis tools available, we perform analyses of multiple process comparison before presenting our optimized, most cost-effective solution. Next to using in silico modeling for novel processes, we have also successfully deployed the system to optimize existing biopharmaceutical manufacturing platforms. Our in silico modeling services provide us and our customers with the opportunity to:

  • Assess the manufacturing process at commercial scale, during early development phases
  • Determine whether a process will fit in preset facility designs
  • Compare process choices and technologies from a cost perspective
  • Plot technology options to identify best fit for meeting production targets
  • Configure any type of viral vector process on upstream processing and downstream processing
  • Design improved process technologies

With our in silico modeling expertise, we are able to reduce manufacturing costs by understanding cost structures early in the development of non-platform processes and platform processes.

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