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In this webinar we will introduce STEP® and its ability to rapidly and easily generate cell lines with high protein production yields in the industrial workhorse CHO. The stability of expression and performance in bioreactors are addressed, as well as biological activity and quality of the proteins produced with the STEP® technology. If you’re interested in a novel potent expression system which can be developed in limited time and to overcome major challenges in the production of human therapeutic proteins, please watch this video.

Presented by:
Femke Hoeksema, PhD
Senior Scientist and Team Leader at Batavia Biosciences.
Dr Hoeksema is a senior molecular biologist (University, Amsterdam) with a profound background in cell-oriented research and product development.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • How to increase protein expression with 10-fold
    How to limit development by efficiently limiting clones
    How to guarantee high yielding cell lines